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Styling your homes and offices with plantation shutters Dubai

Styling your homes and offices with proper plantation shutters Dubai

Who wouldn’t love to have a beautiful home décor which will leave an impressive outlook on their home?

Yes, then you are thinking about the right stuff ‘Plantation Shutters’.

This is used as an alternative to curtains and blinds. The origin of plantation shutters was in Greece during the fifteenth century, as we study how these were made then, it can be seen that the material mostly used was marble.

There were many reasons why the inhabitants opted for this, mainly for protection from different weather conditions and security purposes. There are way more reasons for using plantation shutters Dubai.

Advantages of Plantation shutters Dubai

There are many uses for plantation shutters and Kandas Shutter Company believes that this is a beauty with advantage option.

As these are made with utmost care in the warehouse by our skilled craftsmen, they can fit in any kind of space, whether square or round.

1. Partition for rooms

These plantation shutters can be a perfect solution when there is a need for dividing spaces, can be useful in studio apartments, and ideal for office purposes.

2. Protection from different weather conditions

The scorching hot summer days in the Middle East are difficult to deal with even while spending time indoors. Plantation shutters are ideal for reducing the heat from entering the insides of the rooms from the atmosphere.

This can also be multi-purposed in winter days, as it traps the heat inside by acting as an insulator.

3. Reduction in dust and noise levels

City life is a thrilling experience but the higher level of pollution in the form of dust and noise is a big issue.

A person suffering from allergies are sure to have a hard time with a large amount of dust from the vehicles passing on the road and from sand storms, this situation can be easily tackled by the plantation shutters.

The louvers which are very easy to handle can be closed when required.

Another main concern is the noise produced from the vehicles and machinery, this can be very troublesome for elders and infants at the same time.

A simple way to solve this problem is by installing plantation shutters Dubai, as they fit perfectly to the windows and are soundproof.

4. Aesthetic appearance with privacy for homes and offices

By investing in plantation shutters one can achieve a home or an office with a great timeless outlook. Clients can be assured of the appealing style with beauty and elegance which will automatically elevate the interior and the exterior appearance.

Many times home décor becomes a challenge for the privacy needed by the members of the office or family. But in the case of plantation shutters, this is never an issue, as the adjustment feature of louvers helps to keep the privacy secured.

5. Low maintenance

Maintaining different items of your home/office is a headache to many, but the plantation shutters are an exception from that. Rather than curtains, taking plantation shutters for a wash is not at all needed.

Many are looking for long-lasting plantation shutters with less maintenance in an affordable price range, where our product tops to be the best option.

These specially handcrafted shutters by the best workers make it an appropriate option for any home regardless of its location.

There are many options available in our collection for one to choose from and be customized according to their desire.

You can find answers to your concerns as well as help for choosing suitable plantation shutters Dubai which will satisfy your needs and your budget from our experienced employees.

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