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Window Shutters | Plantation Shutters | Kandas Shutters in Dubai


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Kandas Shutters offer a wide range of high-quality window shutters, Louvre shutters, Plantation shutters, wooden shutters, wooden louvre window shutters in Dubai, UAE.


Kandas Shutters are the pioneers in manufacturing shutters like Louvre shutters, Wooden Shutters, Window Shutters, Plantation Shutters and most of the similar types of shutters in Dubai. We extent our services for Home, Offices and for confined spaces. We also provide customized shutters as per the client requirements.


Window shutters are rigid & stable covering the entire window frame with vertical uprights as well as horizontal rails. Mostly within this frame are louvers which may be fixed or movable, solid panels, fabric, glass and almost any other item that can be mounted within a frame

Plantation shutters are distinct types of shutters with their features that are uniquely differentiated from the other types of shutters.

They are predominantly opted by many people mainly to customize the window fames with an aesthetic appeal that steals the sight of many.

The peculiarity for these shutters is that they are opted particularly as a long-term investment replacing the traditional manners of curtains that requires a change due to prolonged usage more often.

The most appealing feature for plantation shutters in Dubai is that they control the climate as per the requirement which means that plantation shutters can keep a room warmer during winter and cool during the summer.

Also, planation shutters are fitted to frame that enables them to be opened like doors fitted to window frame, rather than being opened with a pull string.

Louvre Shutters consists of horizontal slats that are angled to admit light & air meanwhile preventing rain water to flow into the interiors and creepage of direct sunlight.

The slats positioned in such a way so as to adjust the view through the windows and in some cases might be fixed.

Louvre Shutters are a symbol of elegancy as it adds up to the traditional view of the windows thereby contributing to the divinity of the building with cozy interiors.

Louvre shutters are one of the main types of shutters in Dubai for windows 

Louvers are commonly available made up of materials like aluminium, metal, wood or glass. They can be made opened or closed with a metal lever, pulleys or using motorized operators.

We the Kandas Shutters are the one and only one manufacturer giants of Wooden Louvre Shutters in Dubai, UAE.

Tier on Tier shutters (also known as double hung shutters) are predominantly crafted to facilitate the opening of the head section of the shutter panels separately from the lower section of shutter panels.

Full Height Shutters are one of the most prominent style shutters in Dubai exhibiting their ideal view, flexible creation and imminent depiction.

Enriching the interiors with their authentic appearance by covering the entire window and is framed around the panel to be utilized for reliable use providing a bright aspect to the windows internally.

Sliding Shutters are specifically designed to conserve the privacy. The important feature for Sliding shutters is that they can easily be slided to any position on tracks.

Multiple tracks can be used in this system. There are prominently two types of shutters for sliding in Dubai  namely Bifold sliding tracks & Bi pass sliding tracks.

Cafe Style Shutters have a distinct feature that they do not cover the entire height of the window instead only at the bottom half portion of the window. These types of shutters in Dubai are mostly designed for interiors where privacy to the rooms are provided without entirely isolating them.

Expert hands on defining customized shutters specifically for your indoors is very well facilitated at Kandas Shutters in Dubai.

We build shutters for any types of conservative roofs & glass buildings providing an authentic appearance as well as protection from solar radiations and absolute privacy.

Kandas Shutters fabricate shutters for any type of roof angle or to different shapes of windows.

There are different templates which would be provided through which any design model could be selected to match the conceptual perspectives of the customers.

Crafted designs on wood provides an elegant & superior outlook for the interiors providing an immense comfortability by reducing the heat from outside as well as contributing to the immense privacy as required.

The most specific advantage of wood shutters is that they can be made utilized not only for window shutters but as doors, room dividers or freestanding screens.

The peculiarity of solid shutters is that they can be easily moulded as required with custom made paints that suits to the interiors.

Kandas Shutters in Dubai provides variety of models for solid wood shutters crafted in numerous designs and many of the available varieties with us are among the following options; Edwardian, Victorian, Georgian, Solid Shaker, Raised and Fielded.

Invocating with the shutter designs, moving or fixed designs, with the solid wood shutters panel to create the most typical & attractive style.

Kandas shutters in Dubai are the only company in the world to manufacture  hand covered faux leather and suede shutters, exclusive designs combining luxury and durability. 

Elegant appearance to rooms with authentic designs on the window frame enables an eye-catching view.

Specifically, for the rooms the use of Faux Suede Shutters helps in rejuvenating the moods through their texture rather than the colour varieties.

For light colours suede shutters, they are most appropriate for children’s bedrooms & brighter or dark colours enhances the moods that are well suited for games or media rooms, library or study rooms.

The wood shutters are covered using faux leather or faux suede fabrics supplied by specialized suppliers of leather fabrics. The fabrics are machine stitched and the wood shutters are covered by hand with most specific attention & care.

Feeling the nature by intense seepage of sunlight to the interiors when needed is enabled by the Roof Shutters.

An alluring experience of the nature by just being inside of your home & viewing the beauty of the climate through the eye opening of the shutters on the roof is an ethical experience to have with.

Roof Shutters are made on timber woods of fine quality that are long lasting.

Custom made shutters with fabric selected or recommended by the client will be matched with the panels and designed that excites the interiors with Fabric Shutter Panels.

The fabrics would be of high quality as per the company norms & will be well facilitated as per the Client norms in the selection procedure of the Fabrics for the Shutter Panels. The fabrics being fitted on the wooden frames of the window shutters that gives a pleasant feel.

The angular profile is well suited for Highline Shutters to allow the external lights seep into the interiors of the rooms that provides a refreshing experience.

The most specific reason for these shutters is that they can be controlled manually either to view out or just keep it closed thereby providing privacy and meantime enables an outside view just by flicking the shutter panels upwards.

High quality timber woods are preferred while manufacturing the panel woods that extends the life of these shutters

Available in any one of our Kandas, Highline, Manhattan, Soho, New York and White Collection designs, our bedroom shutters will be designed with your specific needs in mind.

Whether for a master bedroom with large bay windows, or for a baby’s nursery, KANDAS shutters can be made in any colour or finish to complement the style of your room.

Unlike fabric blinds or curtains, wooden shutters will not pick up cooking smells or stains.Our kitchen shutters for windows, if desired, can be painted using waterproof acrylic paint in any colour of your choice.

If a natural wood finish is required for your interior shutters for kitchen windows, Teak or Western Red Cedar are ideal as these woods are not affected by moisture.

Any one of our Kandas, Highline, Manhattan, Soho and New York shutter designs are perfectly adaptable to any living space and interior design. Along with our affordable luxury White Collection our shutters offer a clean and light environment for the hub of your home.

Chic, unfussy bathroom shutters give the ideal balance of light and privacy, and create the perfect solution to screening bathroom windows. Our Kandas, Highline, Manhattan, Soho, New York and White Collection shutter designs are perfectly adaptable to any living space and interior design.

In any paint colour, our cedar wood bathroom or wet room shutters will be painted using water resistant acrylic paint. If a natural wood finish is desired, we recommend Teak or Cedar, as it is not affected by moisture.

Living room shutters are a perfect solution for bay or sash windows, providing privacy, infinitely adjustable light and a stylish alternative to curtains and blinds whatever your interior style.

With our expert design team and skilled craftsmen working in our own joinery workshop, at The Kandas Shutter Company we can provide you with any combination of our finishes, designs and styles creating a bespoke look for your living room.

If you are looking to comply with safety legislation for your home, cafe, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, or office, we can add a layer of fire protection using a Flame Guard Lacquer over your selected shutter finish.

Each shutter panel is carefully checked, and re-checked by eye during the manufacturing process to ensure the finest finish possible.

The paint we use is a pre-catalysed spray paint which is quick drying, UV stable, long-lasting and easy to handle and maintain once the shutters are fitted.

Painted shutters are unique types of shutters with their exclusive colors from other types of shutters.

All shutters in Dubai designed and manufactured by Kandas Shutter Company are made from natural solid woods. We do not use MDF, laminated or finger jointed woods.

In a natural finish the range includes the lighter colours such as Maple, Ash, Oak and Beech. The warmer colours include Teak,  Cherry and Cedar.

Natural wood shutters are one of the main types of shutters for windows and doors

American Tulipwood (Liriodendron Tulipifera) is grown in the New England region of the Appalachian Mountains. Tulipwood is a light and stable hardwood used in many applications including furniture, drumsticks, joinery and mouldings.

At least six new trees are planted for every one that is felled, so the environmental impact of forestry in this region is very positive.

Manufactured using the finest quality solid timber, our contemporary New York shutter louvres have chamfered edges which create an angular art deco design.

This unique louvre shape was created exclusively for an Art Gallery in the Meatpacking district of Manhattan.

New York shutters are also distinct types of shutters with their features &  color that are uniquely differentiated from the other types of shutters.

Staining and colour matching has long been used by French polishers in the antique furniture trade. These same skills of traditional hand finishing are used by our experienced craftsmen to create beautifully finished shutters.